Waterproofing Failures and defects caused by water penetration tops the list as the most common defects occurring across Australia according to findings by MBA of ‘10 most common defects’.

BWS over the last 22 years has seen it’s fair share of waterproofing failures and therefore has put in place steps to ensure waterproofing failures are avoided. Understanding of the structural elements in a building and knowing the limitations of the products are an essential part of waterproofing. In some cases, the waterproof membrane is not always at fault.

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All wet areas should be in accordance with the Building Code of Australia AS 3740.BWS believes
that the standards need to be followed but also further guidelines that go beyond the standard need
to be taken into consideration for example manufacturers specifications.

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Remedial Builder Sydney

When waterproofing BWS will guide you through the process of what is necessary to achieve a waterproofed area. Considerations such as substrate material, protrusions, movement etc all need to be assessed prior to recommending the application of a waterproofing system.

Remedial Builder Sydney

BWS provides waterproofing services for:-

  • All internal wet areas (bathrooms, laundries, basements, lift shafts etc)
  • External areas (balconies, roof tops, planter boxes, trafficable membrane, wall coatings etc)
  • Positive and negative waterproofing systems

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